Achieve higher email opt-in rates with our unique exit popup!

E-commerce store owners increase their conversion rates to 12% on average with us


Unique exit intent popup that integrates with any website


How our wheel popup works

1. Just when visitors are about to leave your website, a special prize wheel pops up.

2. They enter their email address, spin the prize wheel and win a random discount.

Unique exit intent pop up that's interactive, customizable and fun for visitors.


Grow your email signup conversion rates 3x and boost sales 35%.


Responsive to any device screen size so it always looks good on desktop or mobile

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Wheel Features

Fully Customized pop up for your brand

Control all the text and colors so you can design it to match your website.

Add your company's logo for additional branding.

Specify the exact prizes your visitors can win and the probability of how frequently each prize is awarded.

Get Results - emails, sales & analytics

Get advanced insights into exactly how many times Wheely Sales is displaying on your website and how many emails it's grabbing.

Get their names, email addresses, phone numbers, or anything else you want to ask from your visitors to enter before spinning the wheel and then export these anytime.

Mobile & Desktop optimized

Wheely Sales is responsive to any screen size so that your wheel always looks good no matter what.

And our exit intent technology is specifically adapted for mobile touch screens.

Integrates with your favourite email automation tool

Customers about Wheely Sales

We've seen some incredible results and received amazing feedback from users of Wheely Sales exit intent popups:
I installed Wheely Sales two weeks ago and it has boosted my conversion rate to 17%. So simple to install and setup too, it's incredible!
Jeffery Brock
This wheel doubled my sales!! Plus it increased my email conversion rate and is such a fun idea for my customers. Thank you!
Eliza Paul
Wheely Sales is the best leads magnet I've ever seen. No other app gets better opt-in rates. I definitely recommend this to anyone who does a lot of email marketing to make money.
Alfred Jefferson
Absolutely amazing app! All of my customers were very happy to win a discount!!!
Roxie Goodman
I love this Wheel of Fortune app and easy to set up. It has really helped my sales for my new Shopify store.
Adrian Hubbard
Excellent design and dashboard. Fast and effective exit intent app.
Craig Gill

Wheely Sales Pricing
Unlimited websites & wheels on all plans.

You get a 10 day FREE trial with every plan when you sign up.
(No credit card required for free trial.)

We're confident you will see boosted email capture and sales results in this time!
Small Business
Per Month
Unlimited websites
25,000 monthly views
Customize branding
(logo, colors, text)
Mobile & desktop
Advanced analytics
Leads data export
Email support
Free Trial
Medium Business
Per Month
Unlimited websites
100,000 monthly views
Customize branding
(logo, colors, text)
Mobile & desktop
Advanced analytics
Leads data export
Email support
Free Trial
Big Business
     Per Month
Unlimited websites
Unlimited monthly views
Customize branding
(logo, colors, text)
Mobile & desktop
Advanced analytics
Leads data export
Email Support
Free Trial

Questions and answers

Here are some questions new users often ask when first getting their popup wheels setup.

But if you have any other questions, don't hesitate to contact us!
Will it definitely work on my website? And how do I install it?
Definitely. We have built the app to work well on any platform or website. All you have to do is copy and paste one line of code! See our instruction guides here.
Which wheel parts can I customize for my website?
The whole wheel popup is fully customizable so you can make it say, do and look exactly how you want! This includes the colors, logos, text and fields.
Does Wheely Sales work on mobile?
Of course! The popup is fully responsive, so it adjusts and looks great on both mobile and desktop devices.
When does the popup wheel show?
Wheely Sales is designed to popup on exit intent. This means as soon as your visitor is about to leave your website. On desktop this is specifically when the mouse moves up and out of the browser window and for mobile this is when a user suddenly scrolls up.
Will a visitor see the wheel popup every time they visit my website?
No. They will see it the first time they visit, and then we won't load the wheel for that visitor for a specific number of days which you control. This way, you're in charge and visitors can't take advantage of the system.
Will it affect my website speed and SEO?
No - keeping your website speedy and ranking on google is a big priority. So Wheely Sales is designed to only load only after your website is fully loaded and not affect speed or SEO.
Is Wheely Sales GDPR compliant?
Yes. Wheely Sales allows you to add a GDPR-compliant checkbox that visitors are required to accept to receive marketing emails.
Can I translate the wheel into any language?
Absolutely! All of text in the Wheely Sales popup is fully customizable. This means you can translate it into any language.